Koza Dermatologia
Visual Identity • Signage •  Website Layout
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Developed in Estúdio Ally Fukumoto
Still Photos Marcelo Delamanha, Haydê Carlos & Gustavo Schlindwein
Architecture Photos Fran Parente
Efficiency, transparency, and trust are some of the values that guide Paola Pomerantzeff in her practice as a dermatologist. To create a brand for her new space, Koza Dermatologia, we incorporated these values into the doctor's Russian origin. Geometric elements were used that reference the visual codes of Russian suprematism, along with sober colors that convey confidence.

Paola's desire to gather diverse information on a single site led to the solution of dividing the page into two navigations: a vertical one that provides information on various dermatology topics, and a horizontal one for browsing the clinic's information. A signaling system was created for the office that integrates with the architecture with lightness and sobriety.

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