Renata Veinert
Visual Identity • Art Direction •  Website Layout • Catalog Editorial ︎︎︎ More Info

Art Direction Ally Fukumoto
Graphic Design Gustavo Schlindwein & Haydê Carlos
Photo and Video Marcelo Delamanha
Print Gráfica Ipsis
Renata Veinert is a ceramist who values the beauty of the process and the abundance of possibilities that come with working with ceramics. The visual identity is guided by craftsmanship, which incorporates a variety of curves, materials, tactile and visual textures, and tones that relate to natural elements that inspire her art. The typography used in the logo has gestural characteristics and a contrast that is similar to the process of carving and refining the pieces. To highlight Renata's craftsmanship, photos and video recordings were taken of all stages of the process, revealing the time and care dedicated to each piece. The resulting catalog values craftsmanship and provides detailed product information, while the video was split into a short film, small videos for Instagram posts and stories.

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