Stories Collective Art in Motion
Editorial Design • Layout • Art Direction
Developed in Estúdio Ally Fukumoto 

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Art Direction Ally Fukumoto
Graphic Design Gustavo Schlindwein
Creative Direction Gabriela Splendore
Executive Editing Mariana Lourenço
Invited Editor Carolina Vasone
Print Ipsis


Stories Collective is a digital fashion content platform guided by themes that vary with each edition. This bilingual publication brings together stories, articles, interviews, and fashion editorials, created by a global network of contributors. For the first print edition, the magazine's editorial project was created, which included textual content and the layout of photographic essays. The theme of the edition, art and technology, inspired the free use of typography with classic characteristics such as serifs, while also featuring a contemporary design. One of the project's challenges was to create an identity for the publication without compromising the strength and uniqueness of each editorial. To achieve this, the pagination includes periods of breathing space, with generous and generous margins and composed only of typography and one color. In addition to the editorial project of the publication, the project also included materials for the exhibition and promotion of the magazine.

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