VTrends 21
Editorial Design • Layout • Art Direction • Visual Research
Developed in Estúdio Ally Fukumoto 

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Art Direction Ally Fukumoto
Graphic Design Gustavo Schlindwein & Haydê Carlos
Trend Research Lorena Botti & Marina Lehrbach 
Fashion Editing Carol Roquete
Text Editing Luíza Karam
Print Production Alberto Veiga
Print Leograf

VTrends is a biannual magazine published by Vicunha Têxtil, a reference in the jeanswear segment. The magazine highlights four macro trends in style and behavior that inspire fashion brands and professionals.

I collaborated with the redesign of the magazine, in addition to providing art direction, researching visual manifestations of trends, and laying out three editions. The art direction and layout of the sections reflect the main themes, content producers, artists, and designers representing each of the cultural, political, and social movements identified in the trend research.

In addition to the four main editorials, the project includes art direction for secondary content such as Review, Textile, Hot Washes, and the VNext, Gallery, and Radar sections.

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