çã cider
Arte Direction • Social Media • Campaign
Paid Media • Content Creation 

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Art Direction Gustavo Schlindwein
Photography Lívia Wu
Client Diogo Seadon
Visual Identity Polar Ltda.
"çã" is a Brazilian brand specialized in British-style ciders fermented and bottled in Brazil. In 2023, the company aimed to expand its communication possibilities, primarily through the use of photography, and sought to consolidate its collateral branding elements by establishing a presence on social media and offline materials. Aiming this goal, I directed two photo shoots: one focused on still product shots, which aimed to highlight the natural and premium characteristics of the brand. The second shoot took place at the cider production facility, where it is fermented and bottled, contrasting with the technological aspects involved in the beverage's production. The result was a broad arsenal of images that allowed for developments for the website, social media, and paid media.

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